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Golden hour is a hi-res pixel art RPG platformer/Metroidvania currently in development for PC (other platforms are yet to be confirmed). It's a well ballanced mix between a classic action platformer and an exploration-based RPG, taking you on an intense journey involving fighting, exploring, platforming, crafting, spellcasting and numerous other features.


After death of king Faragon and the end of Lindgren family reign, the kingdom of Heratos is facing the end of the peaceful and prosperous era that lasted over 600 years. A war is breaking out as the rulers of the four divided provincies want the whole kingdom for themselves. The story begins after a minor battle in Idessa mines when the six remaining soldiersfrom opposing sides stuck in a bunker spontaneously decide to unite and take down the four self-proclaimed kings.


  • RPG leveling system including four primary and many secondary skills to improve your battle, platforming, crafting and other possibilities
  • Explore a world composed of beautiful hi-res pixel art
  • Destructive environment with special effects and realistic physics
  • Use your enviroment in battle!
  • 4 bindable quick action slots
  • Over 30 spells whose power depends on players levels and skills
  • Variety of melee and ranged weapons
  • Game-altering items and equippables such as potions, magic jewelry, shields, armor
  • Dynamic music following the mood of the game events

Awards & Recognition

    Golden Hour has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

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    About Monoplex Studios

    Monoplex Studios is a two piece team of Vukašin Kuzmanović and Filip Žarković founded in early 2013, when the game Golden Hour started it's development. The two have collaborated many times before in their individual games. The name "Monoplex" dates all the way from 2001(ish), when Vukašin was in the making of Zeleni, a classic platformer game which was never finished. He started developing Golden Hour as his huge RPG platformer project, as designer and programmer in late 2012, and Filip joined him, as a programmer, sound designer, music composer and producer. The team is now working on Golden Hour as a full time job, laying all hopes on the Kickstarter campaign.

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    Golden Hour Credits

    Vukašin Kuzmanović
    Graphics, Animations

    Filip Žarković
    Programming, sound design, music composing and production

    Milan Ristić

    Miroslav Mišić
    Logo design

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